Karthik and his Research

Karthik Kannan is an Associate Professor at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management.  He has been the first proponent of the concept called “Design for Instincts,” as a way to organize businesses in the current age.  This concept forms the basis of the elective courses he teaches/taught at Purdue and ISB. 

Apart from the elective course, at Purdue, he primarily teaches the main IT course in the MBA programs  (in the regular, weekend, and Exec Ed MBA).  He has also been a visiting faculty member at GISMA and, as alluded to earlier, ISB.

His research also can be themed along the same dimension “design for instincts.”  His research work tries to understand and sometimes even manipulate human’s instinctive behavior in specific contexts through the use of information technology.  You can learn more about his research from here.


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