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Gamification course @ ISB

The gamification course I teach at ISB is the second time I will be teaching the same course.  To the best of my knowledge, this is only the third time that this course has been offered anywhere in the world (first was at Wharton, second was at Purdue).  The co-instructor on the course is Ram Gopal from UConn.  It is going to be a fun experience.

The gamification course at Purdue attributes its inception to ISB.  Originally, in early 2012, I was asked to teach an elective at ISB.  I did quite a bit of investigation.  When I realized that I could teach the same course and gain some experience at Purdue, I decided to teach it in fall 2012.  When I taught at Purdue, the ideas that I learned while preparing for the course has completely changed my thinking.  This thought-process is very fascinating.

I want to next highlight how my gamification course is different from other gamification courses (including Kevin Werbach’s course).  Gamification means engagement.  That said, one of the key distinguishing feature of my course, which is different from any other gamification course is that I approach engagement not just from game perspective but it is broader.  I am looking forward to an interesting course.